Denise Thoreson

Up coming events in October for Juniors and Seniors:  

October 8th – 9:30  – This is college application day .  Seniors will be allowed to apply to the college of their choice free of charge.  They only get this opportunity once a year.  They will need to know their Social Security Number.

October 15th at 8:20:  SSG Scanlan will be here at the school to visit with Seniors regarding the North Dakota National Guard program.

October 21st from 4pm-6pm: FASFA information meeting for parents and senior students who would like information on completing the FASFA.  Online applications for the FASFA open up in October 1st and can be completed anytime during the year.

October 29th at 8:20:  Junior students will be taking the ASVAB exam here at the school.

Bank of North Dakota has a wonderful website for parents and students. Be sure to view the link to College Handbook.  Lots of helpful information to be found here.

Bank of North Dakota – College Handbook


Visit to fill out your “Free Application for Student Aid”.


Don’t forget to apply for scholarships at the college/university you are planning to attend!

For more information on scholarships, financial aid and colleges, check out the following sites:     (Fast web one of the few free scholarship searches on the Web)      (go to college information service)  (many areas of college preparation and financial aid)           (FREE financial aid calculation)      (financial aid search and career search)         (scholarship searches)     (college information, reciprocity, admissions info, college costs, transfer info) on study and organization skills, test preparation, choosing a college, financial aid and more)

Here are a few suggestions to help you in your scholarship search:

* Start early

* Always ask for recommendations two weeks in advance

* Type your applications

* Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible

* Make a copy of essays, information and recommendations

* Keep a file of all scholarship information

* Sell yourself (include volunteer work, all activities, jobs etc.)