News and Events

The Leeds Public School has been busy this summer making much needed landscaping improvements around the school grounds. First up was cleaning up and removing over grown and dead trees to keep the playground safe for students.
Next, with the help of several volunteers, landscaping and rock was done around many of the hard to maintain areas of the school. This took place over two days at the end of July, the volunteers might argue the two hottest days in July. The Beautician Committee has plans for more improvements in the future. This project was made successful by community members and staff volunteering their time and equipment and thanks to NDTC Dollar$ in Motion. Dollar$ in Motion helped offset the cost of materials for these improvements. LHS is excited to show off everyone’s hard work at the 2nd Annual Back-to-School BBQ on Tuesday, August 23rd.
Thank you to our volunteers, Natalie Lindgren, Beth Haagenson, Jeff Jacobson, Ben Tufte, Carrie Tufte, Kim and Kyle Nelson, Keaton Nelson, Kaden Nelson, Rick and Robyn Eberle, Bill Sullivan, Matt and Ashley Swanson and boys, Susan and Jim Braun and grandsons, George and Nicole Herman, Eric Haagenson, Janet Randle, Michelle and Billy Harkness.
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